Summer 1980


    Sue Cat

    Status: Finished Airing

    Genre: , ,

    Episodes: 40


    After an accident, the amnesiac Sue was taken in to live with Torao's family. She always had the urge to become a singer, but didn't know why. As it turns out, Sue is actually part of a band formed with…


    Uchuu Senshi Baldios

    Status: Finished Airing

    Genre: , , , , ,

    Episodes: 34


    After polluting their own planet beyond repair, a race of evil aliens target earth as their next home. Now it is up to a lone outcast and his robotic spacecraft, Baldios, to defend earth. But, first he must convince the…


    Ganbare Genki

    Status: Finished Airing

    Genre: , , ,

    Episodes: 35


    Horiguchi Genki was 5 years old boy. His mother died when he was born, and he was raised only by his father. His father, Shark Horiguchi, was a professional boxer, but he was ruined and become an itinerant boxer. However,…