Winter 1988


    Tatakae!! Ramenman

    Status: Finished Airing

    Genre: , , , ,

    Episodes: 35


    Set in a land where several martial arts styles collide, including (but not limited to) Chinese Kung Fu, Japanese Karate, and South Korean Taekwondo. Yet amongst these Shaolin-trained fighters and men powerful enough to cut the face of a mountain,…


    Shoukoushi Cedie

    Status: Finished Airing

    Genre: , ,

    Episodes: 43


    After his father's sudden death, Ceddie moves to England as an heir to his grandfather, the Earl of Dorincourt. The Earl is a stubborn and selfish old man. Gradually, however, Ceddie's innocent love opens the Earl's heart and changes him…


    Osomatsu-kun (1988)

    Status: Finished Airing


    Episodes: 86

    Producers: , ,

    Meet the Osomatsu boys—sextuplets who look, speak, dress and talk like the same. They only add to the hyper eccentric residents of the town who easily break any boundaries defined by common sense. Check your logical thinking and reason at…


    Sakigake!! Otokojuku

    Status: Finished Airing

    Genre: , , , ,

    Episodes: 34


    Otokojuku: a private school for juvenile delinquents that were previously expelled from normal schools. At this school, Japanese chivalry is taught through feudal and military fundamentals. Similar to an action film, the classes are overwhelmed by violence. Only those who…

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